THEN CAME LIFE, an inspirational and humorous memoir, about being a life survivor and living joyously no matter what life throws at you, for publication in Fall 2014, by GOTHAM

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Publisher:Gotham Books
Pages: 240
Price ( Hardcover ): $27.00
Publication Date: October 2, 2014
ISBN ( Hardcover ): 978-1-59240-895-5
Category: Nonfiction


Lucas made a splash with her first book, Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy (LJ 9/1/04), the brash and brazen tale of her bout with breast cancer at age 27. Now, 18 years later and recurrence free, Lucas, head of Hallie Productions, feels there is more to say about life postcancer. The candid and perceptive author talks about motherhood (she has two children, which was unexpected following her chemotherapy and radiation treatment), marriage, body image, self-worth, family, and the loss of loved ones as she ultimately seizes living over living in fear. Lipstick was made into a television movie, so fans will assuredly want to see how the author is doing. VERDICT: Lucas’s sage commentary will bring a nod of recognition from fellow cancer travelers and a smile to everyone’s lips, even if they aren’t cherry red. Highly recommended.-Library Journal

Lucas’ success in overcoming breast cancer would give nearly anybody the sense that other, more “manageable” obstacles can also be overcome. Different challenges—learning to parent, resolving marital difficulties—have called on her to tap into other inner resources, and she continues to handle them with a positive attitude. “I want to not only stop and smell the roses, I want to take them apart and see the beauty in every petal,” she concludes. “Each moment I am living feels especially lipstick-worthy. I can only pedal forward.” Women inspired by the way Lucas marshaled her resources for treatment will enjoy seeing how such strength can be channeled into other challenges.
-Kirkus Reviews

Prone to self-criticism and with an affinity for Botox, Spanx, and antidepressants (as well as the red lipstick that gives her courage), Lucas doesn’t hold back as she confronts aging, negativity, and living fearlessly. This forthright tale of a woman facing her future after cancer will resonate with survivors as well as others caught in the throes of midlife. -Publishers Weekly

“I love this honest, funny, and deeply emotional book. Geralyn charmed her way into my heart and took up permanent residence.” -Delia Ephron, author of Sister Mother Husband Dog (etc.)

“The author of the original girl power cancer tome is back with a tour de force. THEN CAME LIFE isn’t just for cancer survivors, but for anyone who’s survived anything. I just love this book!” -Marissa Marchetto, author of Cancer Vixen

“As the physical embodiment of aspiration and audacity, she has paved the way for our generation of young cancer survivors to become the change we wished to see.” -Matthew Zachary, cancer activist and CEO of Stupid Cancer

“l loved Geralyn’s words of wisdom, wonder and whimsy. She is my pink soul sister!” -Betsey Johnson, fashion designer

“It takes a tremendous amount of courage, determination, and confidence to rise up and reinvent your life after breast cancer treatment is over. Life feels fragile and frightening. Geralyn Lucas’ book is a fresh, smart, funny, open and honest account of the raw moments from low self-worth to new self-appreciation, mourning to celebration, marriage to motherhood, and from hiding to bold extroversion. It’s a fascinating real life bumpy ride. Buckle your safety belt and read this book!” -Marisa C. Weiss, MD, President and Founder,


“A sweet and enjoyable book about learning to love life again, and again. It is hard to keep up your gratitude in the day to day grind that family and work can bring, but the important thing is to remember to try to enjoy it. :)”

“I work as an oncology social worker and I always enjoy reading books written by cancer patients and cancer survivors.  I really enjoyed this book because it tackles the often forgotten, but very real, long-term challenges of surviving cancer. The emotional, physical, spiritual and financial ramifications of cancer don’t go away when the last treatment is administered.  Rest assured, I will be recommending this book to many of my patients. ”

“The stories are heartwarming and heartbreaking. I think this book would be great for anyone who has beat cancer… or just needs some inspiration!”

“I laughed and cried and was just blown away by the courage that us women truly have! My mom, daughters, aunts, and cousins are waiting to read it as well. This is a great book for women to read, as it can help us to be strong when faced with a tough situation,and to always persevere and be strong! I loved it!!”

“This book kept me up at night until I finished, very captivating and very well written.”

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